Fortune Favours The Brave Palette- Swatches & Little First Impression


As soon as I saw this palette on BritBeautyBlogs (Jane) Instagram, I had to have it. It’s a collaboration between Makeup Revolution and herself and my goodness is it beautiful! It’s been out for a little while now, about 3/4 weeks but I didn’t want to pay delivery on just this one item so was waiting for it to be in my local Superdrug. I popped in this weekend and luckily they had it! It was £10 and they also currently have a 3 or 2 but didn’t pick up anything else as I wasn’t really feeling anything! This palette has such a great mix of colours, neutrals, purples and greens, it’ll definitely suit everyone.


Now lets get to the swatches.

First Row
Second Row


Third Row
Fourth Row

I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the palette. There are some amazing colours with great pigmentation but I don’t feel like this palette is Makeup Revolutions usual quality. I love most of the matte shades in this palette but as for the shimmers, I don’t know. Usually Makeup Revolution have metallic, almost foiled shadows with amazing pigmentation and these are just pure shimmer and glitter. I do have to say that with most of the shimmers the pigmentation is good but they’ve definitely produced better. If you take a look, on the 2nd row, the last shade I terrible. Almost no pigmentation there and it’s meant to be a dark green matte shadow. I don’t know if I got a bad shadow there but nah, not impressed.

Now, I have only swatched this palette, I haven’t applied it to my eyes so my opinion may change but as it goes right now, I’m really disappointed. The quality just isn’t the same in my personal opinion and I hate saying it cause you all know how much I love Makeup Revolution.

Has anyone else tried this palette yet, I really would love to know your opinion because, from what I’ve seen, there’s been nothing but good reviews and feedback. Am I the only one? Please do let me know!


Thank you for reading!


17 thoughts on “Fortune Favours The Brave Palette- Swatches & Little First Impression

  1. I found the swatches look funny on your hand but on your eyes they do work better. I think I like the mattes the best (no surprise there) but I was really disappointed by the merged baked shadows. You do need to layer them up a little more and the colours don’t last as long on the eyes as, say, the I Heart Chocolate or the New-Trals Vs Neutrals palette (which I know you have!), so it’s odd that it would cost more than their 32 shade palettes but not be quite as good. That said the colour range is good, and it’s good for experimenting with new colours.

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    1. I have tried it today and I do like it! But like you’ve said there is better quality palettes from them. And I prefer the mattes too, I definitely got better colour payoff on my eyes. And I agree, I love that they’ve varied the shades really well. I was just expecting more, especially with this collaboration ❤


  2. I have been dying to get my hands on this palette as the colours are gorgeous! But judging by those swatches I can see that this palette isn’t as great as I thought or people are making it out to be, so I think I might give it a miss! Thank you for this honest review xx

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