Garnier Beauty Blogger Package

I entered Garniers Beauty Blogger competition a few months back and luckily I was one of the winners! The package they sent me was so thoughtful and lovely that I had to share. I was expecting some shampoos and conditioners but it was more than that. It was just a lovely package to open. There’s a few treats as well as some things to include in blog photos to help make them look better.


The first thing was in fact Shampoo & Hair Treatment. They sent me the  Colour Illuminator Shampoo & 1 Minute Treatment .These smell absolutely incredible. I was a bit hesitant after trying their Oil Blend shampoos as they really didn’t suit my hair but I do love these.


The next thing was 10 Tops Tips To Be A Beauty Blogger, written by Daisie Smith. These we’re all steps that probably all bloggers know but it definitely would help out a new blogger but I still thought it was so thoughtful to include. Screenshot_2016-04-08-16-54-16_1

The next thing is this gorgeous candle from Fashion Fiend in the scent Green Tea & Fig. Now, I’m really not a fag of Green Tea (taste and smell wise) but this smells soooo good! I’m saving this to be lit when I move so I don’t know how strong this is when lit but im getting my hopes up that it’s good!


This is my favourite item from the box, these incredibly stunning fairy ball lights(I don’t think that’s the right term haha). They are so beautiful and cant wait to include them in photos. They may have already made an appearance as I’ve used them a couple of times but can’t remember if they were the shots I chose to post. I also don’t know where they’re from, they didn’t have any info included. But I have to say they are amazing quality. They’re surprisingly heavy! I just love these!


I really do love these next 2 items too. On the right is a littlw bowl/plate that says Absolutely Fabulous. This has definitely made an appearance in my photos. It’s so cute! And if I ever decide not to use it in blog photos anymore, it’ll come in very handy as a ring/earring holder. On the right is just a little cardboard sign that says Hello Gorgeous. A lovely little add on to a monochrome picture!


Last item in the box was a Mobile Phone Tripod. I think this is a brilliant idea! I do take most photos with my phone (I’m currently playing around with my camera & settings but I honestly do prefer my phone right now) so this is very handy and so thoughtful! This was definitely the last thing I was expecting!

And that’s it! What do you guys think? I really do think this was one of the most thoughtful boxes I’ve received off of a company, not just products to review but things to try and help and improve the quality of your blog. Amazing!


Thanks so much for reading!


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