The Cream Contour Palette That Doesnt Budge! Seriously.


This beautiful palette is from MeMeMe Cosmetics (which featured in my Bloggers London Fashion Week Must Haves! post) and its The Ultimate Complete Contour And Highlight Kit. I’m a complete contour addict, even if I’m in a rush or not wearing much makeup, I have to have some contour one (I can give or take on highlight), Otherwise I feel like a boiled egg on top of shoulders. I own more contour products than blush!


I was super excited to receive this, it’s an amazing palette. It’s a cream palette and contains 2 contour shades, 3 matte highlight shades and a shimmer highlight. These are crazily pigmented and blend like an absolute dream! And no joke, these seriously do not budge. I did these swatches in the morning and by the time it came to me having a shower at night, they were still there and took some scrubbing to get off. I had long sleeves on, running around with my little lad and washing pots and they were still there, I couldn’t believe it! This palette is going to be a must have for summer, definitely sweat proof!

That shimmer highlight is just perfection. My absolute favourite thing about this palette, its just stunning. I’m not usually a big highlight fan but this shade swept me off my feet! It looks lilac in the pan but it’s actually pink and gives an amazing glow. The other highlights (matte) have an incredible formula. They just don’t move and wear beautifully throughout the day. They describe this palette as containing concealer creams and that’s exactly how I’ve used them. The highlight shades are so incredibly pigmented that you really don’t need a concealer, this is all I’ve been wearing. I love cutting out a step in my makeup routine as well as not using an extra product on my face, reducing the chances of it getting cakey later in the day.

I only have one downside to this palette and that’s their contour shades. They’re a little on the warm side for contour. I personally use a tiny bit of the darker shade (use sparingly as its very pigmented) and blend that out. Even though I’m pale, the light shade is just too orange for my skin tone but like I said I can make the dark work for me so it’s not a big deal. The lighter shade can always come in handy as a bronzer rather than a contour anyway.

The more I try from this brand the more I fall in love with them. It’s crazy to think I’d not heard of them till a few weeks ago, nevermind not tried their products! Their Contour Kit is available here if you want to order! And no products from are ever tested on animals either.

*contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are definitely my own*

Thanks so much for reading!


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