Glitter For Makeup & Nails

I either like my makeup and nails matte or super glittery, there really is no in-between for me. So when I saw these glitters from Glitter Express, I was instantly drawn to them like a magpie. With a current scandal with an American pressed glitter company, I double checked with the company to make sure they’re eye safe, which they are(depending where you’re from, different places have different regulations), so they can be used for makeup and cosmetics. The company did say 004 was the best size for the eye as its sits the best. These are made from extra safe plastic glitter and contains no glass or metal.

So here are the colours!

Left-Light Gold, Right-008 Coffee & Centre-Pink



Left- Neon Mix, Right-004 Pastel Pink Disco & Centre-004 African Violet


Top Left-008 Red Hologram, Top Right- Copper Hologram, Bottom Left- RG Iridescent & Bottom Right-004 Remington Steel.
Left-Aqua & Right- Lavender


These are some truly stunning glitters that are a pleasure to use. I haven’t managed to get round to using them on my eyes or face yet (no glitter glue), but I have used them on my nails and they’re absolutely stunning.


I used African Violet (even though its showing blue, its purple) and Iridescent . African Violet was amazing to use, the glitters are so incredibly tiny it looks like I’ve just used a glitter/holographic nail polish. Even though Iridescent has bigger glitter particles, once applied and top coated (normal topcoat not gel), there was no bumpiness or texture. Which is exactly what I aim for when doing a mani. I can’t stand glitter polishes that leave a texture behind, even with 2/3 layers of topcoat.

I’ll definitely give an update once I’ve used them on my face and some pictures so keep your eyes out for that. Their website is here if you fancy taking a look!

*contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are definitely my own *

Thanks so much for reading.


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