Review : Nair Japanese Cherry Blossom Wax Strips


With the weather getting a little better, its time to start thinking about your legs making an appearance after a long hibernation underneath tights and jeans and waxing is a good place to start. Nair have released a new Wax Strip line , the Japanese Cherry Blossom Ultra 7 in 1 Body Wax Strips claiming the results last up to 4 weeks. These are suitable for your legs, body and bikini. So no face ladies!

The 7 claims this product makes are No Rub (no warming up the wax before use), removes short hairs, lasts up to 4 weeks, moisturises the skin, leaves no residue, suitable for sensitive skin and made with natural extracts.

Now, I’ve got to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with these strips. The most annoying thing is the paper. When I’m separating the strips, the paper rips so bad(on both sides) from pulling  that I can’t use that strip. It’s also happened when the strip has been applied to my legs, which makes for a messy/ awkward removal. I also found it didn’t remove short hairs very well either, I had to go over quite a few times to get all hairs removed, which can be pretty painful!

With the bad points out the way, lets get the good ones in! I do really like the scent, I like my beauty products to smell nice, so a big thumbs up there. It also doesn’t leave a lot of residue behind which is a big bonus (they do only include 2 wipes for 20 strips, which I don’t think is great as I wouldn’t use all 20 strips in 2 sessions). I’ve used wax strips before that left a whole load of wax behind and I’d already used the wipes previously. With these, it’s not that much of a biggie if you’ve used the wipes up already. Also, baby oil does the trick at removing excess wax if you ever happen to lose your wipes.

Even though wax can cause a lot of irritation to the skin, it didn’t leave mine looking red or sore or any irritation at all, I really do think they would be great for sensitive skin. As with the added moisturiser, the wax didn’t dry out my skin at all.

After weighing up the pros and cons, I don’t think I would purchase these. The paper ripping is too much for me, just having it rip whilst you’re separating the strips is such pain and a waste of money. I found I ripped one edge whilst separating and the other whilst waxing! A thumbs down from me with this one!

Thanks for reading guys!

*this was a pr or gifted item but all opinions are definitely my own! *


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