BubbleOff Treatbox Review

So guys, its been a while since my BubbleOff! Treat Box Unboxing and I’ve now tried everything and want to give you my thoughts on them all. A little spoiler, I love every single product. I genuinely thought there was going to be one product I didn’t get on with, as that’s usually the case with most things, but I love everything!


Starting off with my favourite product is YoofJuice. I’m crazy about this stuff. It’s the most hydrating moisturiser I have ever used, does wonders for dry skin. And the scent is lemongrass, which is my current scent obsession. I’m definitely after a full size of this baby, its amazing.

Next products are the bath bombs. I had Green Goddess and MoonGazy. The colour in these are incredible! I admittedly gave them to my 4 year old son to try out and he loved them so much, he said he was in Minecraft water so you can imagine how bright it was. They had a great fizz to them, the whole upstairs filled with the scent from them, amazing products!


Sticking on topic with the fizzies next up is Wah Wahs which are another favourite. The bubblegum scent was insane! I had a bath at night, no word of a lie I could still smell in on me the next day till at least midday. Its absolutely incredible. The moisture from these bars as well is amazing. Although I did feel greasy in the bath, once I was out an dried my skin felt amazing.


Next is had a couple of products with the Snooti Tooti scent. The Body Cream and Soap Bar. The scent again is amazing, so fresh and sweet. The soap wasn’t drying on the skin and lasted great on the body. My favourite out of the two though was definitely the body cream. Even though its packed with oils, it soaks straight into the skin leaving it feeling so smooth. Perfect for when you get those pins out in the summer!



Next product is their candle in Fresh Violet Flowers. Unfortunately even though the scent was incredible, just wasn’t strong enough for me. It took about 30 minutes to even notice the smell. I do however love the coloured jar!

Onto the last few products now, the Charlotte Shower Gel and Cold Pressed Argan Oil. I loved both of these. The shower gel has an incredible scent, I definitely want some more, as this scent really does remind me of something I had when I was a little kid and I love it. The Argan Oil has done wonders for my cuticles, they’ve definitely been neglected lately and this put them right back on track!

And that’s it guys! Huge thanks to Emily and Clare, the owners of BubbleOff, for being so generous and giving me the chance to try these products. Which one would you like to try? let me know in the comments! Also don’t forget to check out my previous post New Scent From Batiste + Giveaway, where I’m giving away 2 bottles of Batiste’s new Dry Shampoo! Thanks so much for reading!



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