Primark (PS…) Makeup Review

Doesn’t everyone love Primark?! I’ve always loved going there for decent priced clothes and accessories. When they starting doing their own makeup range, I wanted to try out a few of their bits to see what they’re like. The one thing I’ve steered away from though is their eyeshadows. I swatched them when they first came out and wasn’t overly impressed. There’s a lot more I want to try from the range but i live in Chesterfield which is quite a small town and my primark doesn’t stock a massive amount of their makeup so I’m just going to have to hang tight until they expand it.


Lets start with their nail polish at 80p it’s an absolute bargain! I have the shades Ice Queen (left) and Skydive (right). I do have quite a few others that I purchased when they first came out with their polishes and I loved them. But with these, I’m quite disappointed. The formula is definitely not the same as the other ones, these are unbelievably streaky and the smell is overpowering. It’s such a shame because the colours are so gorgeous and perfect for Spring but they are so hard to work with.


These are by far my favourite and I want every single shade! The Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Nude (£2.00)and Lip Liner Pencil in Dark Pink (£1.00).
These are so incredibly smooth and long lasting it’s crazy. To say the lipstick is matte, it’s so creamy and doesn’t budge. And when it does start to fade, it doesn’t clump, flake, just simply fades. I love it! My only complaint is that it’s more of a peach shade than nude but it’s still a pretty colour. The lip liner is amazing and I usually wear it on its own as it’s perfect for a dark nude lip. Highly recommend these most out of everything!


Now these are awful. Not even beating around the bush, they suck. The reason they’re not included in the main photo is because they’re in the bin. Now I think they were £1.50 or £2.00 for the pack so it’s not a massive loss or anything like that but buy a lipstick instead! These are hard, don’t expand when damp and just takes your makeup off rather than applying and blending it. Absolutel crap.


Next is their Foundation Stick in the shade Ivory. I absolutely love this and I’m so impressed! It only cost £2,gives a medium to full coverage and doesn’t cake. I can’t believe how cheap it is! I’ve come across high end foundations that do a lot worse. Now, it’s not lightweight, you can definitely feel you have foundation on and it does stick to dry patches and flaky skin, so make sure you’re super moisturised if you’ve got dry skin. Overall I’d recommend anyone to try it for the price.
And last up is their roll on New York 02 perfume. When I first saw these, I thought they were going to smell so cheap but I’m pleasantly surprised. By no means do they smell high end but they’re a nice cheap little perfume for top ups at work & on the go so you can save your expensive perfumes for special occasions. They also come in bigger spray bottles but I wanted one for my handbag.

And that’s it! Is there anything you recommend me trying out or want me to try? What products have you tried from Primark? Let me know ❤


17 thoughts on “Primark (PS…) Makeup Review

  1. Haha thank you for this post, honest and funny, keep it up! Also agree that the previous type of nail polish was better, I used to have loads of them and loved the quality! Oh and what do you think about their perfumes, I bought some a while ago, they do smell nice, I think I read that they are copycat of famous smells but on me, they don’t last.. What about you? Have you tested any?

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    1. Thank you! I honestly don’t know what they did to their polish! Such a shame. And i only have a roll on from them and I really love the scent! I didn’t find that it lasting too long but for the price I’ll not complain. They have a couple of body sprays I want to pick up too!


  2. This is amazing! Probably one of my favourite reviews because you are so honest and quick to the point, I don’t have to read paragraphs and paragraphs to know if it’s good or bad! I really want the lip products, it looks amazing! xx

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