New Face Mask Range

Doesn’t everyone love a good face mask? Over the past few months they’ve really become a little obsession of mine and my tiny collection is starting to grow!

I was sent these by AA Skincare but the brand is ooharr which is made by AA. AA are a brand I can rely on for fantastic skin care and they didn’t disappoint.


The first mask I tried was the Rosie Glow, a deep cleansing face mask. This helps repair damaged skin and protect skin from environmental damage. This left my skin feeling incredible! So so so soft and this one smells incredible! To me, like the fruit salad sweets, definitely my favourite out the 3.


Next is the Star Glow skin polisher. This one cleanses and revitalises skin. This left my skin with a gorgeous glow, looking so much more Radiant.


Last up is the Dead Sea Cooler. This one was amazing! This contains peppermint & tea-tree and left my face feeling so refreshed and cool. Definitely made my pores less visible and my skin so soft.

They’re incredibly only £1.20 each, click here if you’d like to buy them. Like I always say with every AA post, they do absolutely incredible products and such great prices, I highly recommend you take a look at their site.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤


8 thoughts on “New Face Mask Range

  1. I’ve tried the rose one and the peppermint one after I got them in a beauty box, I liked the rose one and loved how the peppermint one felt really cooling on my skin but unfortunately it broke me out 😦

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      1. No nothing ever does work for everyone. Yeah, I did feel a bit cautious when I realised it had mint in it and know my skin can be a bit sensitive and yeah it’s fine now thanks 🙂 just was a bit of a shock when I woke up in the morning because I rarely break out! X


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