The Products That Ruined My Face


So, I think this is going to be a post most people disagree with. I’d heard such great things about the Pixi Glow Tonic that I was so excited to use it!

I won these in a giveaway on Instagram from the company themselves and unfortunately I have been quite let down by them. Now, I still haven’t tried everything but these products I hate. I was using the Pixi Glow Tonic & the Rose Oil Blend. I was planning on doing a review on their Skincare so I started using them straight away. I cut everything else out besides my Garnier Micellar Water but this was pretty much all I used. Big mistake!

If you’ve read my last post The Products That Will Hopefully Fix My Face, you’ll see the mess my face is/was in. Now, it might have only been one of them or both I can’t tell and I’m not willing to test that out haha but my face really is taking some fixing. It’s been so sore and so dry I’ve not been able to wear makeup. It went so blotchy and had loads of red bumps and marks it looked like I had acne scars.

Now I know for a lot of you, you swear by this stuff but it’s not going to suit everyone and unfortunately it doesn’t get along with my face. Which is such a shame as I was so excited to try their Skincare out after hearing such good things.
I’ll definitely stick to their makeup instead.

Thanks for reading!


34 thoughts on “The Products That Ruined My Face

  1. Everyone’s skin is different and there is no way for any product to suite all skin types. Its unfortunate this happened but I’m glad you are being honest enough to post about it. Everyone raves about the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and I absolutely hate it! Lol. I hope your beautiful skin is on the mend πŸ’•

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      1. What? The concealer? I don’t think so, it clung onto my skin in a way that accentuated my fine lines under my eyes. I meant to say that I know what it is like to have a bad experience with a popular product. Sorry if I was confusing.

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      2. Oh! It was me that was confused then, Lol! Honestly, the foundation was great but I have combo/oily skin, but the concealer was just off. Though it was better at cancelling out redness from spots, it just wasn’t good at all for under eye concealer and I found the consistency a bit runny. Maybe I just got a bad tube?! I hope your skin is better nowπŸ’ž

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      3. I know this is going to sound crazy but if you have a potato at home, slice of a piece and rub onto your skin. Let it sink in overnight if possible, this really helps clear up hyperpigmentation. I know it sounds odd, but it works.

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  2. Oh my goodness you poor thing! From the photo, it looks like it’s actually burned your skin or caused an allergic reaction. You are so brave to stand up and give a really honest review of these products and don’t let anyone say otherwise, it’s really stressful when stuff like this happens and the products let you down, especially when it was a review product. Since I’ve got highly sensitive skin and allergies (like, Epi-Pen allergies) I’ll definitely be avoiding these.
    PS I wrote an article about exactly how Micellar water works a few months ago if you want to have a read I’ll find the link for you, although it sounds like you already know how it works – the reason I say that is because, taking the chemistry into account, I know what you said is exactly right – there is absolutely no way the Micellar water could have had anything to do with this.
    I hope your face feels better soon!

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    1. Thanks darlin, my aim is just to be honest, not to skate companies, their products aren’t going to work for everyone, I have to share good experiences as well as bad ones. And I’d love to have a read, if you could give me the link that would be great! Thanks so much for reading darlin ❀ xxx

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    1. Thanks darlin! I’m not necessarily slating them but they can’t expect their products to work for everyone and I think people have the right to know if something didn’t work for me. Thank you so much for reading! ❀

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  3. Sorry you are going through this. Hope you get well soon. In the future you may want to test any new product on another area of your body other than your face. Try the product on a small area on your arm for example. Just in case you have a reaction to it. Hope this tip will help you in th future. Thanks for sharing. 😊x

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  4. Proactiv really cleared up my skin years back. I only stopped using it because I felt it made my skin oiler. I’ve been thinking about trying it again. I hope it works for you 😘

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  5. Aww so sorry this didn’t work for you you should look into more organic products and a simple regimen ❀️❀️❀️

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