The Products That Will Hopefully Fix My Face.

Now guys, as I mentioned in my last post my skin has been an absolute mess for the past couple of weeks. And I’m not being a drama Queen, I’ve literally not been able to wear makeup for well over a week because of some products I was using (I’ll be doing a blog post about that next and what products).


So when I was offered the Opportunity to try out Pro Active+ for a month or so it couldn’t have come at a better time



This has been my skin lately. This photo is completely understand edited in anyway, besides being cropped. My skin had been unbearably dry, to the point where it’s actually stung to put any sort of moisturiser on. As you can see, it’s been so blotchy and looks to me like I have acne scars. I’ve been drinking plenty of water to try and combat the dryness but nothing would work. I didn’t over moisturise either, I was very careful about that.

So I’m putting all my hope and faith that these products work as nothing, not even my Holy Grails have.

Now, before going through the products, a little first impression. After using this 3 step routine just once, yes once, it completely got rid of my dry skin flakes. Which meant I could actually put on foundation without my skin looking like a mess. I couldn’t belive it. So it’s already a got a big thumbs up from me!

So let’s show you the products I’ll be using for the next month or so.


The first step is the Skin Smoothing Exfoliatior. Just a face wash with very fine grains that help exfoliate.


The next two are the Pore Targeting Treatment and Complexion Perfecting Hydrater. These feel incredible on the skin, and leaves your skin perfect for makeup application.


Last up is their Skin Purifying Mask which I’ve yet to try so I can’t give a first impression but I am so excited to give this a go!

And that’s it guys, this will be my morning and night Skincare routine for the next month or so, I’ll keep you all updated on how it going!

Thank you for reading! ❤


20 thoughts on “The Products That Will Hopefully Fix My Face.

  1. My face used to be very similar and I think i used benzaclin?? It’s been awhile though. It was a cream I would use at night. But it really did help. Then as I got older my skin changed and don’t have to use it anymore.

    Just warning you, when you treat it your face will get worse before it gets better.

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