The Moisturiser Makeup Artists Love

We’ve all heard Pixiwoo rave about Embryolisse and I’ve finally got my hands on some! Here are a couple of new releases from their Artist Secret range I was kindly sent, so let’s get stuck into the review to see what the hype is all about!


First up is their Smooth Radiant Complexion. This claims to smooth imperfections, reduce the signs of aging, firm and illuminate. Now don’t mistake this for a moisturiser, it’s not. This is a base for your foundation and it’s incredible!
It gives a lovely glow and makes your feel baby soft. It has teeny tiny bits of glitter to give that amazing glow under foundation. It really does make your skin more Radiant. I’m not sure the anti aging signs, being 24 I don’t worry about wrinkles too much and luckily don’t have many right now! The scent it nice and clean, not too strong at all.
Now I did notice a little firming, but if I hadn’t read that it had firming properties I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

My favourite out of the two is their Radiant Eye. This is amazing. I was super surprised when I opened this, it’s more a balm in stick form. When you apply it under your eyes, it feels like water but dries almost instantly, leaving a lovely cooling effect. This reduces puffiness within minutes and gives your eyes such an awake look. This has saved my eyes quite a few times after little sleep.

I definitely recommend giving this brand a try but if you’re going to buy anything get the Radiant Eye!

Have you tried any products from Embryolisse? Any eye creams that rival this that I should try? Let me know in the comments! ❤
Also guys, sorry for the absence, had a lot going on with life but I’m sorted and there will be a few product reviews coming up this week.


7 thoughts on “The Moisturiser Makeup Artists Love

  1. Hey! So I don’t really know if you take requests, I’m quite new to your blog (it’s amazing!) but I was wondering if you could maybe do a post or something for buying beauty products on a budget, or when you don’t have a lot of money… Like, brands that are cheap AND good, available in everyday places like boots, maybe?? When you can’t afford foundation base, foundation, concealer, eye shadow primer etc, what are the basics you should go for? Also with skin care, what are the different facewashes for and which are most worth it?

    Sorry, This comment was way too long and kinda presumptuous, please feel free to ignore this entirely, I definitely don’t expect you to feel any obligation to do any of this. Just, as a beginner in the whole world of makeup, with not much to spend, I’m not really sure what to go for! Thanks xx

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