BubbleOff! Treat Box Unboxing

This box is every bath lovers dream! The ladies at BubbleOff were so generous and sent me this big box of goodies to review. I’ll be doing a review post after I’ve tried everything so I just wanted to show you guys what I got and a couple of first impressions.


First we have Wah Wahs. When the post man handed me the package I could already smell bubblefum and it was this little purple gem here. These are used in the bath to help moisturise and good God they smell amazing.


Next up are some bath bombs, who doesn’t love these?! I have Green Goddess and Moongazy, they both smell really fresh and I’m so excited to try these.


This product really excited me! This can be used on face and body and you all know the skin issues I have at the minute so I’m happy to try any skin care. I tried this on my face last night and it’s worked a treat! It’s creamy but melts as soon as it touched the skin and it soaked right in!


I cannot wait to burn this! This is absolutely perfect for Spring and would be so relaxing whilst having a bath. My scent is Fresh Violet Flowers. Hoping it lives up to my wax melt obsession 😉


Next is a shower gel. This scent smells exactly like one I used to have when I was younger, I think from the body shop and I love it. Brings back so many memories for me, so very happy to have this!

I actually can’t remember the last time I used a bar of soap! I really don’t want to use this, it looks so pretty! It’ll be nice to have a bar thats not drying on the skin, so I’m excited to go try this out.


This little cute bottle is Cold Pressed Argan Oil which is 100% Natural. We all know the benefits of Argan oil so I’m excited to have another to add to my collection. I’ve also never tried Cold Pressed before so it’ll be cool to see the difference!
Last up is this lovely little jar of Yoof Juice. An intensive, deep conditioning anti aging skin cream. I haven’t used it on my face yet but given it a little swatch and it feels and smells incredible. I can’t wait to use it!

And that’s it guys! Which product would you like to try? Let me know! ❤


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