Little Random Haul

It’s been a little while since a haul, it is only small but thought I’d share anyway.


I’ll get the geekyness out the way first! For all my fellow minecraft fans out there, aren’t these the most adorable things?! I want Enderman so bad! These were lucky bags so I had no idea what I was getting but I’m pretty happy with what I got! Might have to get some more.


Next up from the works I picked up this adorable Weekly Organiser. For just £3! I’m terrible at keeping organised with blog posts, I usually wrote and post them on the same day but I am trying to get ahead of myself and I’m hoping this will help a little more.


Next up I nipped into primark for some more cotton pads and came across a few new beauty bits. These makeup sponges were £1.50 and I didn’t have any hope whatsoever but wanted to give them a try. Now I have already used them, they’re very hard compared to what I use but they do actually blend out the foundation pretty well. I’ll keep using them and keep you updated, I’m thinking about doing a Primark beauty post, what do you think?


Another thing from primark is their Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in nude. I love love love their lip liners so I had to try this. This was only £2.00 and I’m pretty sure I’ll love it.


Another new product they had was their foundation sticks. I’ve never really been one for foundation sticks because of my dry skin but this felt really smooth along with full coverage. I’ll keep you updated, I have tried it but I’ll let you guys know! It was only £2.00 as well.


Last up from Primark was of course a polish. Can’t go wrong for 80p and this colour was calling my name. A stunning pastel blue, perfect for the warmer weather.


Next I nipped to the pound shop and came across the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner pen. My favourite gel eyeliner is by maybelline so I really wanted to try this and thought it could be a cheap Dupe for the benefit one. I have swatched it and although the formula is still amazing, the applicator is too hard and leaves a line in the middle of the eyeliner. I’m going to have more of a play but so far I wouldn’t pay full price.


Another purchase from their is the Sally Hansen Triple Shine. I’ve always wanted to do a pond mani, but I’ve never had the Polish to do it, so now I finally can! Keep an eye out on instagram for the photos!


Last up, of course Yankee Candle melts. I can’t live without these babies. I know I said I was making my own but the scents I received smell terrible so I’ve got to find and order more! For now these will have to do. They all smell amazing!

That’s it guys, hope you enjoyed my tiny haul, what blog posts do you want to see? Any products you want reviewing? Please do let me know! ❤


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