Things That Make Me Happy ❤

This is a little different from what I normally post but I’ve had a bit if a crappy day to be honest guys! So, I thought this post would not only be a little something different to read for you lot but might cheer me up in the process! Here’s a list of things/products of things that really do put a smile on my face!
Just as a warning there are a few Christmas related things, you all know how obsessed I am with it and that I wear my Christmas clothes all year round. Indoors of course 😉


To start us off, one of my favourite products ever, the Glazed Apple Body Shimmer Spray from The Body Shop. Guys, this scent in magical! I own nearly every product from this scent and when I’m having a crappy day, I smell it and it instantly picks me up. This scent it a little miracle and best be back again this Christmas! I only have so much willpower to make these products last me!


Next up is miniatures. Not just beauty/makeup but just in general. Am I the only one like this?! I have an obsession with tiny things, they make me so happy! When I see a little cup that’s the size of my finger tip, it honestly just puts the biggest smile on my face! I hate using these little samples because they’re just so cute!


Next up are these amazing balms. I was sent these to review a while ago and they’ve been a must have for me ever since. I have the Stress Less & Sleep Well and they work incredibly. I like having the Stress Less on me throughout the day too, they just relax me so much. Couldn’t recommend them enough.


Next up Wax Melts. They’re a huge obsession of mine, I very rarely use candles (unless they have an amazing scent or lovely jar) because wax tarts are so much more scented. Now, I like Christmas scents all year round and I’m very slowly running out of them. So I’ve actually decided to start making my own! If shops/businesses won’t sell them, then I best make them! Is there anyone else who loved Christmas scents all year round? I’ve actually got some scented oils coming through this week, would anyone like a tutorial?


Last thing is my necklace. I’ve worn this necklace ever since I received it, hence the details rubbing off. The Reindeer is from BinkysTrinkets on Instagram/Ebay and the Snowflake charm (I also just have a snowflake necklace) from I don’t care what outfit I’m wearing, this beauty stays on and keeps me happy.

Hope you liked a little bit of a different post anyway guys! Tell me, what things make you happy? Did something good happen to you today? Share your happiness and let me know! ❤


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