Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette – Plum Quartz

Here’s the start of my Pixi reviews! I thought I’d start off with the eyeshadow palette as I’ve used it everyday since I received it and think I’ve got a pretty good feel for it now.


This is the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Plum Quartz. The colours are absolutely stunning & I couldn’t wait to try this. This is £15 to buy but unfortunately I really don’t think it’s worth the cash. 


Lets get started with the packaging. It’s quite weighty which I like, but I just don’t like the look of it. I think it looks really cheap and I’d rather not have the applicator too. I hate seeing it through the lid and I also don’t like the way it flips up. If I didn’t know about this brand, I honestly don’t think I’d pick this up and swatch it in store, especially seeing the price too.

Packaging aside, it’s the product that’s important. I can easily bypass packaging if the product is worth it!


Now, I have to say they do apply a little better than they swatch but I’m still not overly impressed. They do blend quite well and can look quite beautiful but it just takes a lot of building up. It’s such a shame, I really wanted to love this palette! But compared to the Freedom Makeup palette I reviewed here, which was £7.50 (£15 full price), the pigmentation and blendability was insane.

They do have other palettes in this range, it’s not to say that they’re all bad but I’m definitely not going to try them!

But I do have some good news, the few other products I’ve been trying I do love, so they’ll be some positives soon! ❤


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