Makeup Brushes I Can’t Live Without

Makeup brushes are definitely an obsession of mine. I just love how different makeup brushes can help make such drastic differences to how your makeup looks. Even though cleaning them is a massive pain in the arse, it’s totally worth it!

I thought I’d share my favourites, they’re all budget friendly and I couldn’t not live without these babies!


It wouldn’t be a brush post without Real Techniques! You all know how amazing these are but my favourite face brush by far is the Expert Face Brush. The finish & coverage this gives is amazing and it’s so incredibly soft! I’ve had my brushes about 4 years now and they still look and work amazingly (besides the names being rubbed off, this one pictured is new). Definitely worth investing in.


Next up for fave brushes are Eco Tools. These are absolutely incredible, their Stippling & Finishing Brush in particular. The one on the left is the Stippling brush and gives such a flawless finish. The one on the right is Finishing which is perfect for powder, small enough to place it where you want and you use a lot less product with this brush.


This one probably won’t be familiar to anyone to be honest. This is a Colleen Brush from I’m not sure what the brush is as it’s not available anymore (she does a different set which is still available). This baby is absolutely incredibly for contouring! It’s quite thin which makes it perfect for getting under the cheek bone and it’s so soft so it’s perfect for blending! This is my Holy Grail brush!


This one was from a set of eBay. The whole set cost around £1.60. There’s some that are perfect for eyeshadow blending but I find this slanted one is amazing for highlight. It’s so soft that it doesn’t leave a solid line of highlight and gits perfectly on top of your cheekbone.


This one if from a brand called UBU, I recently won a load of brushes in a giveaway and this one is by far my favourite. I use this one for my eyebrows, the brush is so dense but flexible that’s it’s perfect for Sharp, precise edges. And it’s also so pretty!


This one is actually free in a Palette. You buy any Makeup Revolution palettes you get this little beaut. It’s a blending brush and great for a little crease brush. It’s not the softest but definitely gets the job done and getting it free with a palette you can’t complain! I use this mainly for the darkest colour in the crease and it blends it out beautifully.


Last up is of course a Real Techniques again. This is the Base Shadow Brush. I usually use this to blend out my eyeshadow, whether on the lid or in the crease, I think this brush is a must have for your collection and perfect for beginners when it comes to eyeshadows.

I personally don’t think you need to spend a ton on makeup brushes, with the beauty industry being as big as it ever has been, there’s so many budget brands coming out with brushes just as good as Mac with a cheaper price tag and cruelty free.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤


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