Top 3 Makeup Revolution Products.

You know how much I love this company and how much I ramble on about it! I thought doing a Top 3 would be a good idea on those starting out with the brand as they really have so much to choose from. There are the 3 products you must get!


This is perfection in a palette, the Iconic Pro 2. The colours are perfect for everyday wear with a good mix of matte and shimmers which makes it very versatile. Definitely one I reach for more than any others.


I’ve definitely raved about this for a long time. The Ultra Sculpt Contour palette. I’ve used this every day since I bought it and still not even hit pan yet. The Contour shade is perfect and blends so easily! And the highlight is stunning and a handy little palette for on the go. I’m not a fan of the Blush but for Β£3.50 I don’t think it’s too much waste.


Last up is their Pro Lipstick in Absolutely Flawless. This colour is just the perfect nude. It’s longasting, not drying and I love the packaging! This is a stunning lipstick and I think everyone needs this in their life!

Have you guys tried these before? Thanks for reading!


43 thoughts on “Top 3 Makeup Revolution Products.

  1. Hi!

    I’ve never used a makeup revolution product before, but I love the look of the eye palette! I think I’ll have to give it a go πŸ™‚

    I also run a beauty blog, I’d really appreciate if you could give it a read πŸ™‚


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