Freedom Makeup Black Arts Palette Review & Swatches

So you guys asked for swatches of this palette and I was more than happy to do it. I’ve also done a little makeup look using the palette!


Now, if you’re into Makeup Revolution this is their sister company and these will be right up your street! I do think the quality is better than Makeup Revolution but in all honesty there’s not too much difference.


This Palette is their Pro Artist Pad in Black Arts. I managed to grab it in their sale for £7.50 which is a bargain, I’d definitely pay the full £15 for it!

Unfortunately these shadows don’t have names so I decided to not swatch them all and just select a few. First off we have the matte shades.


They’re gorgeous! Their pigmentation is definitely close to my Lorac Pro Palette and they feel so buttery! They blend so well, better than any Makeup Revolution shadow and even better than my Mac shadow.


Next is the ‘shimmer’  shades but id definitely put these closer to foiled shadows. They’re insane! The shades are absolutely perfect and these too blend so well. I usually find with other foiled/shimmer shadows that once you start blending, they take away some of the colour and you have to reapply, but these bad boys don’t move!

I can already tell this will be my go to palette, it has every neutral shade you could want!


This was the eye look I created (if you follow me on instagram you’ll have already seen this, apologies.) I did go a bit over the top with the eyeliner so a lot of the shadow has unfortunately been hidden but it was just a soft smokey neutral with a little under the eye.

You guys seriously need to check this brand out, I was sent some products from them too and they were also amazing! Here’s the link if you’re interested! New Products From Freedom Makeup

Thanks for reading!


40 thoughts on “Freedom Makeup Black Arts Palette Review & Swatches

  1. I’m not sure if this brand is sold here in USA, but I would definitely try it out! I’m itching about trying Makeup Revolution products and since you’re stating they’re sister companies, I am buying some next time I go to Ulta. BTW you’re amazingly pretty! And your pictures are great, thank you very much for this review!

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      1. I really like it for to fill in my eye brows when I’m going out out, like for a night as the colour payoff is great and gives you a really strong brow, I wouldn’t use it for a everyday natural makeup look 🙂 but what I use it for it’s really good! Thinking of reviewing it soon on my blog 🙂


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