Kiko Campus Idol Collection


I’ve wanted to try Kiko for a long time but had no idea what to try first. I’ve heard excellent things about them but there’s so much to choose from I just didn’t know where to start! Luckily I had some bits sent to me to get me started!

First of all the packaging! I think this is my favourite packaging of any makeup. I’m usually one for sleek, simple designs but this has stole my heart. The palettes are just gorgeous & I’ve already eyed up their makeup bag!


The first product I wanted to try was their All Stars Face Palette in Pretty Rose. Now I’ve got to say I was let down by this. I thought the Contour shade looked a bit funny, more yellow than brown. But still decided to give it a chance. I didn’t like the Contour shade, it ended up looking quite muddy and just an odd shade under the cheek bones. The highlight was also a disappointment, looked perfect in the palette but it was just far too glittery. I couldn’t see any of the gorgeous colour just glitter. The Blush on the other hand is lovely. A very natural matte shade and perfect for a little flush of colour. This kit is £14.90.


Next is one I love! The Hi Brow Expert Eyebrow Kit. I have it in the shade Deep Brunette and Black Haired. This kit comes with a Brow wax, 2 eyebrow shades, a matte and shimmer highlight, a Brow brush and Brow stencils. I think this is such a perfect kit! The Brow shades match me perfectly but the only downside is the highlight shades are a little dark for me as I’m quite pale. The little brush that comes with this is excellent, it’s small and gives such a precise, clean line. I haven’t tried the wax as I’m not a huge fan and I always end up getting Brow waxes dirty and it looks too nice to ruin! I also haven’t used the stencils but they’re great for a starter or changing up your Brow shape. This is also £14.90.


The last products I was sent were the Double Dare Eyeshadow & Eyeliner in 05 Gold & Teal and their Double Match Lipstick and Lip liner in 01.


The eyeliner and eyeshadow duo are gorgeous! The eyeshadow is going to be perfect for summer, it’s amazing alone or as an eyeshadow base. The eyeliner is also amazing, the formula is spot on and has tiny flecks of glitter in. Sadly I won’t be using this as I have blue eyes and really washes them out! This is £7.90


Last up is their lipstick and lip liner. The formulas for these are incredible! That lip liner stays on forever! The colours are stunning and such wearable colours. This is definitely one of my favourites! And for just £7.90 I think it’s brilliant.

What Kiko products shall I get next? I’ve not tried their eyeshadows yet, any recommendations? Thanks for reading!


21 thoughts on “Kiko Campus Idol Collection

  1. Ahh Kiko is one of my favorite brands! They’ve never disappointed me! They’re eyeshadows are hands down AWESOME. I’d recommend 132 and 135 if you like neutrals/browns (used in this tutorial If you’re into colors, try the ones mentioned here (

    My only advice is to be careful because some of them look like they’re not sparkly at all but end up being hella sparkly. Keep me updated with any eyeshadows you get! ^_^

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