Sweet Treat For The Hair!


Batiste might have just made my favourite dry shampoo scent ever. This smells of sweets! It has the same amazing formula, but another amazing smell!

The packaging has also got to be one of my favourites too, it’s just ridiculously cute and very vibrant. They also added in a little free pack of love hearts which was so cute and my son appreciated them very much! He snatched them off me before I even noticed they were there!

As always with Batiste, it works amazingly. I’ve tried the CoLab dry shampoo and in one go I used a whole mini bottle and my hair still looked greasy. But with Batiste, a little goes a long way, they’ve got it spot on and definitely worth the cash.

I’m super impressed with the scents they’re releasing lately and really want to get my hands on their styling range I think it’ll be brilliant!

Batiste is avaliable in Superdrug (and quite a few other places in fact) if you want to get your hands on it!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤


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