Getting Your Body Summer Ready!

With so many health and diet products it’s hard to know where to start and which brand to choose. But Nutri Buddy have definitely got it covered. With their Weight Loss Starter Kit, it has everything in it you need to get yourself on track.

As with all weightloss products, they’re not miracle workers. You have to put the effort into exercising and eating right to see results, the products will only help if you do it right.

So let’s get stuck in to the kit!

The product I was most excited for was the Hunger Fix tablets which are appetite suppressants. I’ve not tried anything like these before and being natural I was super curious to see if they actually worked. And they do! As long as you’re following the instructions properly you’ll get the full effect from these beauties. These were the stand out product for me and I loved them!


My next favourite was the Sculpting Whey in chocolate. I used this as a meal replacement and with it tasting like chocolate I also found it curbed my sweet tooth and wanting to snack on chocolate and doughnuts. It’s also incredibly filling and a perfect meal replacement (you don’t have to use it as one but it is an option).


Next up for me is a super important one. I belive in being healthy whilst trying to lose weight so multi vitamins are a must. Even on a diet with low calories I always find myself feeling so much better than before I started when taking multi vitamins as I don’t think I get nowhere near close to my daily recommendation. These are an essential!


Last up you get a lovely bottle for your shakes (and water) and The Little Book Of Weightloss. This is full of tips, how to properly use products and even recipes and meal ideas. It’s such a handy little book and found myself going to it when I was stuck with what to eat.

I don’t weigh myself as it can trigger my anorexia, so I go by how clothes fit and just how I look in general and using these for a month has definitely helped me shift some unwanted weight. I also find having the products you need help keep you motivated so it’s a perfect kit.

This kit is amazingly only £69.99 from Nutri Buddy and you can even earn money from purchases to put to a future purchase.

Thanks for reading guys.


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