The Best Haul Ever!

I’ve not been to tkmaxx in forever and I thought it was about time I took a trip to see what I could pick up. I only spent £25 but ended up with around £400 worth of stuff! I was so chuffed!


First thing I spotted was the Ciate Advent calendar. It had every single polish but it was a little damaged, this was reduced down to £3 from £50!


Next was these boots down from £25 to £4! Aren’t they gorgeous!


Next was these cute pair of doll shoes. These were down to £2 from £75!


The best bargain was this dress (sorry for the awful photo I’m clearly not a fashion blogger haha), it’s actually solid black but my camera refused to cooperate. It’s a bodycon dress, fits so perfectly and this was just £9 down from £249!
I think this is the best bargain I’ve ever got!


Whilst I was out I wanted to get some more yankee candle melts. So picked up these and the Opi peel off base coat was also from tkmaxx for £4.


Last up is a trip to the poundshop. They had these lovely Revlon false lashes, wish I’d picked a few more up! They’ve also started doing their own makeup sponge so I thought I’d give this a go incase it might work (not holding my breath). Last up is picked up this jar for my makeup brushes and some nail art brushes too!

And that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading what bargains I picked up, get yourself to tkmaxx and see what you can find!


35 thoughts on “The Best Haul Ever!

  1. In the nail art set that you pinked up 2 of the brushes can be used for gel eyeliner and they are the most finest liner tips you will find for such an inexpensive price!! £1!!!- I love it…

    Also I must say you picked up some awesome deals, being a tkmaxx-aholic myself I’ve not found such amazing shoe bargains myself!! 👍👌

    However I recently picked up some amazing stila makeup for a few £ and so happy with them! ! love that store, it’s my secret beauty store! !! ❤❤x

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    1. I thought that myself! I might have to pick up a few more packets actually, just so I can have some for nails and liner. And I think it was my lucky day, I’ve never come across such great prices like this before! Thanks for the tip & for reading! ❤

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