New Lash & Brow Collection!

One thing I absolutely love is false lashes. I don’t wear them on a daily basis but they make such a huge difference to your makeup look. Same goes with brows! The two things that can dramatically make or break a look. A brand called Threads & Beauty inspired by Thread Brow & Beauty bar in Ireland have created a new line of lashes and Brow pencils which are to be released and sold at Harvey Nichols.


Starting off with the lashes I have a pair of Bo-Bop  & Angel Eyes. Both pairs are so lightweight and give such a lovely amount of volume without it looking very obvious you’ve got false lashes on. They look gorgeous. Here is wearing the Angel Eyes Lashes.


I love them! And they’re reusable too. The only thing I don’t like about their lashes is their band, it’s a little on the thick side. I’m not one to usually wear winged liner much but with these you have to. But if you’re a winged liner goddess you’ll have no issues with these at all!

Next up is the Brow pencil in the shade Brow03 Coffee which is double sided with a spoolie. This is honestly one of the best Brow pencils I’ve tried. It’s quite waxy which means it stays put all day and the product applies like a dream. It did stay all day, even on the skin. The only negative to this is the colour for me, it’s a little too red when I prefer more ashy/cool toned. But there’s nothing wrong with the product itself, it’s perfect & they’ve done a great job!

Keep your eyes out at Harvey Nichols for these little beauties, they’re not to be missed! ❤

Thank you for reading!

*contains pr sample or gifted item but all opinions are definitely my own*


48 thoughts on “New Lash & Brow Collection!

    1. I got lucky with these haha! I really wish I had some tips but I don’t, my hardest part is getting the inner corner to stick, I have such watery eyes it always pop’s up 😦 as long as you allow the glue to dry a little I think it’s all down to practise ❤ xxx

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  1. Those lashes look amazing! I’m rubbing at applying fake eyelashes, but, any fake eyelashes I’ve used look fake, especially since my natural lashes are long, I’ll keep these in mind! Thanks,xxx

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