Brand Review – Eco Tools


So recently Eco Tools very kindly sent me quite a few of their brush sets after winning a giveaway. I already owned a few brushes beforehand, so I was excited to check the rest of these out! They’re avaliable from Boots.


I’m not going to beat around the bush, the brushes are amazing! My favourite by far us their Stippling Brush, it blends foundation like an absolute dream and makes me use much less as it doesn’t soak the product up. If you’re going to buy any brush from them, it needs to be this!


I have a few favourites from their eye brushes too. First being the Angled Eyeliner Brush. I don’t use this for eyeliner but for the brows. It’s amazing to get those sharp lines and little hair strokes. I love this! My other favourite is a double ended brush (not sure what it’s called) but one end is to smudge and the other is to blend. The blending brush is amazing for getting into the crease and does all the work for you!

In all reality there’s not a brush I don’t like, they’re all incredibly soft, affordable and environmentally friendly, what more could you want? I really do recommend all of their brushes, they don’t have hair loss and get the job done perfectly.

Thanks so much for reading! Btw guys what do you think to the photos? I’m trying a lot harder to make better quality pictures! ❀


45 thoughts on “Brand Review – Eco Tools

  1. All my brushes are by EcoTools and I love them! I recently got a new foundation brush and a kabuki brush, and very happy with them. Also the photos look great! Lovely post πŸ™‚

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