Beauty Haul

I’ve been on a bit of a shop recently, picked up a few random bits a pieces &  thought I’d share!


I nipped into tesco and noticed they had wax tarts! You all know how much of an obsession I have with these so I picked 5 of them up for 60p each. I also picked up a Glade electric tart burner for just £6! Will save a lot of messing around with tea lights! I also picked up a big Garnier Micellar Water for £2.66.

I went into Primark and had a quick look at their makeup range. Nothing jumped out to me besides this lovely dark nude lip liner in Dark Pink. It’s so pretty!


I then went to The Body Shop to see if they had any off free Glazed Apple Body Spray but they hadn’t, instead I found this Japanese Cherry Bottle mini perfume for £2.50, it smells amazing & wish I’d picked more up! I also picked up a couple of glass files from Superdrug for a quid.


I made another trip out as I’d forgotten to go to Wilkos to have a look at Essence! I’ll soon be needing another Lash Princess (which has gone up £1!),a brown eyeliner £1 and the All About Roses eyeshadow palette which was £4.00. I bloody love this brand!


I also picked these face masks up from Wilkos own brand, they were just 50p each!


I’ve been in need of a Matte topcoat for a while but always forgot. I recently ordered a Nails Inc one but it doesn’t work for some reason :/ so I went to trusty BarryM and picked up their topcoat and also a polish which I’ve never seen before called Sky Blue which is so pretty!


Last up I went into Primark again (mainly for some cotton pads which are 90p for a massive pack & its the big ones!) but some sale items caught my eyes. First up is this Harry Potter jumper, it’s the comfiest jumper ever. So cosy and cute! This was just £5.


I had to have this! I’m obsessed with Breaking Bad & have recently just started watching Better Call Saul so when I seen this for just £3 I snatched it up. This is a man’s t-shirt but I don’t mind and getting it in xs I don’t think anyone will know haha.

That’s it guys, this was a bit if a random haul, I just picked up bits and pieces that caught my eye! There’s quite a lot of good deals on in boots at the minute ladies so keep your eyes out! Thank you for reading ❤


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