High End Products Not Worth The Splurge

I think a lot of people presume that because it’s high end, it’s going to be a brilliant makeup product. Which isn’t always the case, these are a few products I’ve come across that definitely aren’t worth the cash and really should avoid!


First up is Clarins The Essentials palette. I think I’ve done a full review on this and it’s definitely worth avoiding. The pigmentation in this is crap. Really really not worth the money. The shades I adore are the Matte brown eyeshadows but it’s not worth the cash for those 3 shades and could probably find dupes at Makeup Revolution. For the price of this, £35 I think, I could buy around 5 eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution and know the pigmentation is going to be spot on. In fact I wish my fella had done that haha.


Next up is the Nars single shadow in Grenadines. I didn’t even pay full price for this, I paid £12.99 from tkmaxx (not sure how much the original is, I thought this was a blush at first, I’d have never  paid this much for a single shadow). It’s a nice eyeshadow and the pigmentation is good, easily bendable etc but I can’t justify paying this much for one eyeshadow. Not when Makeup Academy is just as good and you get a whole palette for £4. I’m all for a good splurge but this was a waste of money


Last up is Smashbox eyeshadow trio on Glow On. I paid £4/5 for this, which is a bargain. But I definitely wouldn’t pay full price. The shadows are nice, but they’re not as pigmented or creamy as I expected from Smashbox. Whatever it costs full price which I expect is a little pricey, it’s not worth. If you’re wanting to try it get to tkmaxx.

Ever had any high end products that just suck? Let me know what I should avoid! ❤


40 thoughts on “High End Products Not Worth The Splurge

  1. I would advise if you have acne prone skin or scars don’t buy bare minerals. I bought the one specially for acne prone skin it didn’t cover well and only lasted a month . Then the normal one sunk into my scars! Smash box is also pants for oily skin as its very watery. The best foundation I’ve used is bourjois which is owned by channel x

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  2. I think exactly the same about Clarins eyeshadows. It’s not only the big palettes but the small ones too : the pigmentation is not good and it creases like crazy on me. It’s really not worth the price but their lip products are good 😉

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      1. The Instant Light Natural Lip perfectors are super good 😉 but I understand completely, it’s always so bad to treat yourself with a high end product and realise it’s crap


  3. Great post- people are afraid to be so honest about products like that, and it’s so necessary! I really hate spending a ton of money on eyeshadow and finding it unpigmented! Thanks for warning me off, I was actually going to buy that Clarins palette!! 😛

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    1. So do I! It’s really something that winds me up because whenever I decide to splurge on something high end I have high expectations. Oh gosh I’m glad you read this in time haha, glad to save you some cash! Thanks so much for reading darlin! ❤

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      1. Exactly! Paying tons of money should equate to quality, end of story! Hahaha exactly, now I’ll go put my money to something that’s worth it! ❤

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