December Favourites ❤

Can’t believe this year is over! I’m going to miss Christmas so much! But I’m happy to say goodbye to this year, it’s not been my best but I’m soo excited to see what the year ahead holds!  So here are my favourites from December!


Let’s start with my favourite thing of December, Lucky Cloud Body Balm. I did a blog post about this a while ago and since then I’ve used this for my cuticles. To all my nail ladies out there, this stuff is amazing for your cuticles. After just one use there’s an amazing amount of difference, a must for winter, or any season for that. And it’s a UK handmade business which is even better! Make sure to check them out!

My next favourite is the New-Trals Vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution. I’m so happy to finally get my hands on this baby! And it didn’t disappoint! It’s perfect for this time of year and has the ability to create so many gorgeous looks, my most used palette of December.

Next is a new product that I’ve only had for a week or 2 but it’s the Avon Big & Daring Glimmerstick. It’s just an ordinary black kohl eyeliner. But it stays put! My eyes are quite watery and if I tightline my upper waterline it ends up smudging on to the bottom within seconds. This one doesn’t budge! It’s brilliant.

Another new product is the w7 Porefection, an amazing dupe for the Benefit Porefessional. I’m not sure what this costs but I know it’ll be a fraction of the price and does works exactly the same. There’s not one difference between the two (except the packaging of course & I prefer this one!) I highly highly recommended this!

I’m still loving my nude lips, in fact I rarely wear any other colour. So I picked up this Essence lipstick in the shade cool nude. And it’s so pretty! I much prefer cool tones to warm and this is so gorgeous for this time of year. It’s long lasting, non drying and cheap! Essence are an amazing brand and I plan on buying a lot more products.

Last up on the Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight in Diffused. I feel like I’ve included this before in a favourites but it’s honestly amazing. It’s not glittery and gives a gorgeous sheen to the face. It’s not one of those highlighters where you want to blind people, it gives a lovely natural glow and I love it!

That’s it guys, what’s products have you been loving? Thanks so much for reading!


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