Traces Of I – A Truly Inspirational Read

Now, I’ve never done a book review on here before, but as soon I read what this book was about and how inspirational the author Tracy Kiss was, I knew I wanted to get involved and read it.

For anyone who has suffered at the hands of bullies, has self confidence issues or body issues this book is for them. In fact I think any woman can relate to this book in one way or another. I myself have suffered from an eating disorder and this book was truly inspirational to me. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in going through what we’re feeling, doubting ourselves and how we look. We all have our imperfections and learning to accept them is one of the hardest things we can do and woman/girls need to start supporting each other instead of ripping each other to shreds.

This story is based on a woman called April that after being bullied in her childhood is on a journey to find herself and her confidence, as well as seeing how her relationships help her realise what’s important in life. This book shows the impact bullying can have years down the line and the effects it has on them for the rest of their lives and how she’s overcome the bullies and their actions.
I love stories where you see characters develop and this book is exactly that. I loved following April’s story and loved seeing how the events that took place shaped her into a new woman.
This book focuses a lot on her relationships with men and how they’re a big part of helping her grow. Not in a way that the relationships define who she is but how certain actions and events help her find herself and her confidence.

Now I’ve got a long way to go in regards of feeling confident in myself and my body but this book had such inspirational words it’s definitely a good start and they’ll be with me for a long time to come.

Now the Author Tracy Kiss will be donating her first £1,000 of book sales to the charity BulliesOut which I think is wonderful. The events in this story are based on Tracy herself and I think she’s a true role model to young girls and woman who are either going through bullying and self confidence issues or who have gone through it.


She also wants readers to take selfies with the #tracesofi & #iamapril, eyes close symbolising that beauty comes from within and fingers on your mouth to remind people to be careful of what you say to others and use your words to be kind. I think this sends out a truly inspirational message and I want all my readers to join in and spread the word, hopefully making people think twice about what they say.

I want to say a big thankyou to Tracy for letting me read and review this wonderful book and got letting me be a part of something so wonderful.

Thanks everybody for reading and I hope you enjoyed something a little different on my blog! ❤


12 thoughts on “Traces Of I – A Truly Inspirational Read

  1. I’m late reading this but had to comment, I didn’t know you had suffered from an eating disorder. I’m also an ana-survivor so it’s a brilliant thing to hear about other women promoting self-confidence and self-worth 😘❤️
    Helen (@hellznails) xxx

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      1. There really is too much of that in this world! It is a hard journey…..and one you have to accept will be a life-long one. I’ve presumed from you mentioning it in a past tense you’ve recovered well too so well done to you as well 💪 Xx

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