Batiste Has Had A Makeover!


Dry shampoo has definitely become my best friend over the past few months. My hair can get oily the same day as I’ve washed it, so having a few bottles on hand have been life and time savers.

Batiste have always been a firm favourite of mine, they smell amazing and unlike others I’ve tried they don’t take half a bottle to do you’re hair. A little goes a long way! I personally don’t think they need to change anything about the formula, the scents smell amazing, I really do think they have it spot on!

But they have changed their packaging and they look gorgeous! They’re definitely summer ready! The flamingo is definitely my favourite out of the two they’re so cute and vibrant!

Batiste are avaliable at a wide range of shops and drugstores, I usually pick mine up from Superdrug, they usually have the best offers on too!

Thanks so much for reading guys I should be getting a post out a day for the next 4/5 days so keep your eyes peeled for them, I have a few amazing products to share!


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