The Ultimate Skincare Kit


I just want to start off that I might be a bit quiet on here, I’ve got a couple of posts that need to be done, but just yesterday I split with my fiancé of 3 years and I need a bit of time. I will reply to comments soon, but seeing as it’s so close to Christmas, I have a 4 year old & I have to move, I might take some time to reply.

Now a few weeks ago I received this wonderful Skincare set from AEOS, a natural brand, and couldn’t wait to try it. Now they do recommend you use only their products when using these to get the best results.

The products are wonderful but with my skin type being dry/very dry these just weren’t hydrating enough for my skin even using multiple products. After a couple of days I was getting dry patches and my skin felt tight. Once my skin gets like that it can take a week or more to get it back to normal.

But using these products alongside other brands, they worked perfectly. I had no breakouts/spots at all and helped keep my redness at bay.

I think anyone who doesn’t have dry skin would find this perfect for them. They’re well worth looking into, their site is here if you want to take a look! They do send samples out to bloggers if you want to try for yourself.

Thanks so much for reading!


16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Skincare Kit

  1. Seems like quite a complete line; a product for everything one might need. Don’t worry about replying to comments darlin’, you have way more important things to handle right now. I hope for the best of everyone involved. Sending good vibes your way 🙂

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