Post Birthday Haul

So guys went on a little shop after my birthday yesterday and it’s the best shopping trip I’ve had in ages. Literally nearly all of these things I’ve been after in forever but have either been sold out or just haven’t been stocked. So it’s been a good day!


I’ll start with the one I’ve wanted since its come out, the New-Trals Vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution. The colours are so perfect for this time of year, I’ve got it just in time to use for Christmas! They’ve had it out for ages but because I don’t live in a city centre our Superdrug was a little behind on stocking it. It’s so pretty! The colours are a little darker than the picture I mainly wanted this for the Cranberry/pink shades.


Now Superdrug had a offer on, if you spend £8 you get a free palette (got to choose out of 3) so to make up the extra quid I chose this gorgeous pro lipstick in the shade Absolutely Flawless. This is the perfect nude! And at £2.49 is a bargain! I can see this being a staple.


This is the palette is chose for the free one, the What You Waiting For Salvation Palette. These shades are also stunning and perfect for this time of year, as well as lots of neutrals. The only downside is how many shimmers to mattes but I’ll make it work!


Next up I’ve been after some face masks for ages! Seriously I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere, the ones that I usually have in superdrug were always sold out and my tkmaxx never seem to have them in. But luckily enough today they actually had some! So I snatched them up! The first one is the Good Things Blemish Control Gel Mask. I don’t usually suffer from spots too bad but this unblocks pores which I always need help with! And it was only £2.99. The next one if from Nip+Fab, a brand I’ve wanted to try for ages and it’s the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask. I was really interested to try this out and also they don’t harm bees making this. This was only £4.99 so I snatched it up!


I’ve been after this for ages too! I always always forget to go into Wilko to pick some Essence up. I soon snatched at this, their All About Nudes palette. The colours are gorgeous and they’re so pigmented and feel amazing! I’ve yet to try any shadows from Essence but had high hopes and it didn’t disappoint.


After loving the lip products I was sent by Essence there was only a matter of time before I picked up some more. So I chose this lipstick in the shade Cool Tone (it’s not completely colour accurate on this photo :/) and is such a pretty nude! And also this lip liner in Satin Mauve. Both of these are a little on the warm side than they appear in real life. I’ll upload a colour accurate picture on my instagram at some point if you’re interested.


Last up are these Wilko Bath Bombs! I’d heard great things about these but as per they’ve not been stocked until recently. And even then they didn’t have them all. But still, I picked up Coconut and Vanilla and Passion Fruit and Melon. They smell incredible and at 95p is a steal. Hoping these are going to be as good as I hope.

Thanks for reading guys, this was such a satisfying shop! ❤


24 thoughts on “Post Birthday Haul

  1. I got the Revolution palette in a swap and I love it! It’s an amazing product for the price! Thanks for reminding me to go and get some of those new Essence lipsticks! 🙂

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