Current Skincare Favourites – Winter Edition


Skincare has been a bit of an obsession of mine recently, I’ve been trying to get my skin nice and hydrated for the winter. I’ve tried a lot of different products but so far these are my absolute favourites at the minute. Now these are pretty much all I use on a daily basis besides face masks and face wash, I don’t have anything complicated at all. It’s works for me!


I’ve not long since written a blog post about these babies from Katherine Daniels cosmetics and they’re still a favourite of mine. The Concentrate For Dry Skin is amazing, I literally can’t praise this enough. I use this first thing in the morning and if I’m having a makeup free day, I’ll use this in the middle of the day too. This is crazily hydrating and can turn a bad skin day instantly into a good one. Also one thing I love is this dried matte, it has no shine to it at all.

Their Essential Micellar Face And Eye Makeup Remover is incredible. It leaves no trace of makeup and rubbing is needed. And unlike a few other Micellar waters this doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight. And also, it has a pump! All Micellar waters need this!

Last up is the InstaNatural Youth Express Night Cream. This has been a favourite of mine since I’ve had it I’m actually surprised I have any left. This smells incredible, is all natural and a heavy duty moisturiser. It doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky, it soaks in straight away. I love this stuff!

I’m always open to trying new stuff, anyone have any suggestions on new products to try for dry/super dry skin?

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Current Skincare Favourites – Winter Edition

  1. Ohhh I have never heard of this brand before – I adore the simple packaging and it also sounds amazing. I am the type of person who usually sticks to the same skincare routine if it works, but since blogging I have seen so many good reviews about different products, so may have to venture out.
    Saira x


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