Christmas Nail Art & My Favourite Christmas Polishes

I used to afore doing nail art, hence the name allthingslacquer but soon became more of a chore when that’s all my instagram was based on. If I didn’t do nail art I had nothing to post, so I always felt forced into doing it.

Now that’s it’s Christmas, I’ve got the nail art bug back! I can’t get enough of having Christmassy nails so I’m trying to do one a day until Christmas. I’ve done two designs so far and thought I’d share my favourite polishes for Christmas!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen these designs so I do apologise!


This is my first design, baubles and snowflakes. It gave me a chance to use my new Ciate Snow Glow (in the middle of the baubles) and it’s so pretty! I expect this to be in a lot of my upcoming designs.



Next up is this random mismatch design. I’ve seen a lot of these sort of Christmas trees floating about on pinterest and instagram so I had to do one! Something I’m finding fun as well is doing designs with my new nail shape. I had this shape earlier on in the year but for less than a month, apart from that I’ve only ever had square so I’m interested to see what I can do with them!

Now for my favourite polishes!


From left to right, Nails Inc Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat, Ciate Twilight and Essence A Hint Of Love.
The Nails Inc one is literally perfection,its pricey but worth it! The Ciate is one of the darker ones I love, reminds me of a Christmas tree! And if you look at my design above, I used the Essence for that. Need I say more?!


BarryM us by far my favourite brand for polishes, they’re amazing. And what’s Christmas without glitter?! Left to right, Red Glitter, Lady, Fashion Icon and Rockstar. These are all stunning, and they’re all perfect for Christmas.


Last up is some Opi minis. First my favourite nude, Vanilla which makes a gorgeous creamy Base for nail art and CocaCola Red for the base of red glitters. These are from the Coca-Cola Collection.

I’d love some recommendations for some more lovely Polishes to get! Also, would you like to see a weekly post of my nail art? Or one at the end of the month I including my designs?

Thanks for reading!


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