November Favourites

Where is the time going? It literally feels like 2 days ago I was doing October Favourites! Crazy. Is everyone is the festive spirit yet? I have been since about September? Yes, I’m well aware I’m sad haha. I just love Christmas! Enough of the rambling let’s get on with this!


I haven’t really been loving loads this month in all honesty, I’ve not really changed up my makeup routine that much but there has been a few little bits added.


Does anyone else include Contour in their everyday makeup routine? Since learning to Contour, I literally can’t live without it! So when Freedom Makeup sent me some products and they included a couple of Contour products I was super excited. I’ve been searching for a drugstore cream contour kit for ages and could never find one, until now! For £10 it even included a brush which I adore and is included in my favourites too. The creams easily blend and are easily buildable to get a natural or string Contour. And there’s a colour for everyone. For the brush and palette is only a tenner, can’t go wrong!

Next up is the Maybeline colour tattoo in Permanent Taupe. I’ve been into a little heavier makeup recently and this makes the perfect base. It’s really a dark grey and it’s perfect for a smokey eye. It can darken up any light colours too, it’s just so perfect! And besides I hit the bottom on my On and On Bronze so I thought it was time to try the others I own out.


Next up is a staple around Christmas time. BarryM Nail Paint in Red Glitter. Any other time of the year I hate red nails but at Christmas time all I’m wearing is red glittery nails. And this is my gp to polish. It’s just so pretty and just looking at the bottle reminds me of Christmas.


Next is another brush, the E7 from MUA Cosmetics. This brush is £1.50 and perfection. It’s so tiny that you’re able to get such sharp lines and also add in little hairs for a natural look. It’s also tiny enough for eyeliner, it’s such a bargain! I’d easily pay over £10 for this, it’s amazing!


Last up I only purchased 2 days ago. If you’ve seen my Christmas Haul you’ll know what it is. The Body Shop shimmer spray. Good god I’m obsessed already. I’ve been addicted to this scent since last year and can’t believe they have releases a body spray! Seriously this is just like perfume, the scent lasts so long and smells so incredible. I haven’t had a look to see how shimmery it is, I’m too obsessed with smelling myself than anything else. The bottle is lovely and the product is so pretty, so shimmery and glittery in the bottle. I highly highly recommended! ❤

The music I’ve been loving (besides anything Christmassy) is Olly Murs. I’ve been a fan since the beginning but recently have just started listening to him again. He’s incredible!

So that’s it guys, can’t wait go read all your November Favourites posts! ❤


34 thoughts on “November Favourites

      1. I don’t think you did anything wrong at all darlin, products don’t suit everyone! I do think it looked amazing on you though! ❤ I thought the pigmentation was really good though! Great post darlin xxx


  1. Such great picks girlie ! I do not normally contour during the day but I would love to start incorporating it into my everyday routine because I have seen how amazing it looks ! Best start practising Hun haha! That nail polish is PERFECT for Christmas .. I must purchase it soon 🙂 … Great post and pictures lovely .. And worry .. I have been feeling festive since September too haha !!
    Saira xxx

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