Clarins The Essentials palette- Worth The Splurge?

When my fella surprised me with this gorgeous palette I was so happy, it’s so pretty!
I’ve never owned a Clarins product before and was incredibly happy this was my first!


But sadly, it didn’t live upto my expectations. It’s £35 and just not worth the money. One big positive for this palette is the brush. It’s not cheap and tacky, it’s amazing to come with a palette. But for £35 quid you could get a couple of packs of Real Techniques! So no, don’t buy it for the brush.

Now, the eyeshadows. The first one is absolutely diabolical! No matter what I do or use, I cannot get any colour at all. Terrible. I’ll cut it short, the only shadows I like and are good quality are the browns. And the black. But the browns are definitely my favourite. They are creamy and pigmented and just perfect, these have been my go to browns since I’ve had it. I literally have used them everyday.

But the shimmers in this palette aren’t very good at all, the MUA Cosmetic palettes I own are so much better than this and cost just £4. The 4th shadow in the palette is just so bad. It has a crazy amount of fall out, hardly any pigment and just bunches up on the eyelid.

So guys, no its not worth the splurge. Do not get this! Go buy a pack of Real Techniques brushes and a MUA palette. You still won’t have spent as much and you’ll have better quality stuff. Definitely not worth £35 for 3 brown eyeshadows!

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Clarins The Essentials palette- Worth The Splurge?

  1. That is such a dissapointment! I just put up a review of a 4 euro palette that is quite amazing. Maybe an idea ? Sorry you wasted your money! Lovely written blogpost though xx

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    1. Yes I read your review! I’ve been dying to get my hands on an essence palette for a while! The one you have is gorgeous but I’m going to see if they have one with more Matte shades too (which I think their nude palette does), they’d look amazing together! Sometimes it just goes to show high end aren’t always worth the cash!

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      1. So true! I’ve bought countless high end products that just do not meet the expectations and so not worth the money! Essence have nice matte palettes so don’t worry about that. Xx

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