Honest Hazel Eye Gel Packs


Whether you’ve been crying or just had no sleep, under eye puffiness can be the worst! When I get puffy eyes, especially when I’ve been crying the night before, it literally feels like the hardest thing to even open my eyes fully.

I’ve always found the cold spoon trick works the best for me but after trying these I’m converted.

They’re the Honest Hazel under eye treatments, gels that contain Cactus Collagen, Aloe Vera and Vitamins C&E. They provide a cooling effect which can help with allergies, headache, stress and fatigue.

They really do help, my eyes feel cool for around 20 mins after removing them! You can keep them on for 20 to 25 mins or even overnight. So I suppose you could keep them on as long as you fancy! I do think it would be very hard to keep them on overnight though, I sleep on my side so I can imagine them eventually sliding off, but if you sleep on your back, you’re good!

My only issue with these is my eyes water like crazy when I first apply them. I’ve said before I have ridiculously sensitive eyes, so I do put that down to me, but after a minute they’re perfectly fine.

I really do love these, I think they’re such a good way to do stress and relax and can definitely be an instant pick me up if you’re having trouble sleeping and have those pesky bags.

The site is Honest Hazel if you fancy taking a look!

Thanks for reading! ❤


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