Kiss Air Christmas Candles


Kiss Air Candles have recently launched their Christmas range! I was lucky enough to pick a couple of scents to review.

I chose Cranberry and Orange and Mulberry Spice, they also have Chocolate Orange, Ginger Bread and Christmas tree avaliable in their Christmas range. These candles are hand made using natural soybean wax and have a burn time of between 12 to 30 hours depending on the size you choose.

Their packaging is lovely, so festive and has their signature bow on the front. It’s going to fit right in with the decorations!

Now, how do they smell? I love love love their Cranberry and Orange, it smells incredible. The candles fills the room with its scent within about 10 minutes and it’s not at all sickly. It’s the perfect smell!

Mulberry Spice was not for me though. It’s just a little too spicy for me(it’s actually my fellas favourite though), but apart from that everything else was perfect with this candle. Still filled the room with fragrance! They really do have a long burn time too, I’ve had mine on every night since receiving it and I’ve got just a little under half left!

Their site is Kiss Air, they also have a wide variety of other fragrances, I’m dying to try toffee apple and caffeine fix!

Thanks for reading guys, let me know what Christmas candles I should keep an eye out for, I always need them!


11 thoughts on “Kiss Air Christmas Candles

  1. Like the sound of the Cranberry and Gingerbread is a favourite smell of mine, they look really cute, make nice stocking fillers. I recently bought Winters Tale from love it…full Christmas!

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