Coloured Lenses, not just for Halloween!


I love coloured contacts so much! Having the ability to change eye colour means so many more options for makeup! Colours worn on brown/orange eyes don’t necessarily suit blue eyes(my original colour). I love being able to have a play with colours I don’t normally wear.

So Coloured Lenses UK sent me some honey  fresh look color blends to try. And I love them! They’re a little brighter than brown, more on the Orange side but I’d happily wear these out in public to sometimes switch up my eye colour.

Theyre incredibly comfortable too. They stung a little when I first put them in but I do have extremely sensitive/watery eyes, I definitely expected it. But after a minute or so I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them. My vision was fine, there’s really no complaints at all.

I put these on before applying my makeup (because they water so easy) and there was no issue at all with them then, not even applying eyeliner to the waterline.

Honestly guys I’d definitely give these a go, I’m dying to get my hands on some green ones too, they’re so much fun! And so easy to get in, I’ve had issues with other brands and these are by far the best ones I’ve tried.

Their site is Coloured Lenses UK if you’re interested in seeing the wide range of contacts they offer!

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted item but all opinions are definitely my own! *


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