K.D Cosmetics


As the weather is changing, so is my Skincare. I have super dry skin as you all know and since Autumn began I’ve found it so difficult to keep it at bay.

Then I received these life savers! They’re from Katherine Daniels cosmetics, a Essential Micellar fave and eye makeup remover and concentrate for dry skin. These two combined have worked wonders for me.


First off, the packaging is lovely, it’s so gorgeous! I can’t help but love white packaging, looks so clean. Secondly they smell incredible. Not so highly scented that it wouldn’t be suitable for sensitive skin, but just a subtle amazing smell.

Let’s start with the Micellar Face and Eye Makeup Remover. Firstly it comes with a pump! I was so excited about this as the bottles are an absolute pain. I always end up drenching the cotton pad or spilling it. I think every other makeup remover should definitely have a pump. This remover leaves the skin feeling so soft, not sticky and there’s no need to rub the makeup off, a quick wipe and it’s gone. For a 200ml bottle this retails for £19.

Next up is the Concentrate for Dry Skin. This is my new Holy Grail. It is a little pricey at £34.50 but I’m telling you, it’s definitely worth it. For someone who suffers dry skin as bad as I do, this has really helped get my skin into good shape. It also has anti aging  properties in it and as I’m getting to my mid 20’s (I’m 24 in  month!) that’s definitely an essential for me now!

They do a wide variety of products for different skin types, they are definitely worth checking out, especially of you’re looking to change you Skincare routine for winter.

Their site is here if you want to go to their site ❤

Thank you for reading! I’ll be doing am updated Skincare routine for dry skin soon, so keep your eyes out for that!


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