October Favourites

My favourite post of the month! I can’t believe how quickly Autumn is going, it’s making me sad! I spend all year looking forward to it and it flies by! Anyway, here’s my favourites of the month!


Let start off with the Makeup. I’m a complete matte eyeshadow freak, I very rarely use anything shimmery eyeshadows, so when I won this Lorac Pro Matte Palette in a giveaway I was so chuffed



Just so pretty and perfect for Autumn, I’ve been using this non stop over the last month or so! The shadows are so creamy and easy to blend and incredibly pigmented, just perfect!


Next up is an old palette that I’ve recently found myself using again. This is the Myleene Klass My Brow Kit palette. And it’s one of the best Brow palettes I’ve ever used. They’re cool toned shadows which suits me perfectly and they’re so pigmented. As you can see its had its fair share of use already, I absolutely love this! e


(photo at the top colour accurate) I’d been wanting to try the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream for ages! But as it wasn’t easily accessible (and ended up costing around £11 for one) I put it off. But I ended up getting one anyway and paying g the price and I don’t regret it! I love this, it’s the perfect formula and smells incredible. I’m definitely getting more!

Last up for makeup products is the Malin+Goetz lip moisturiser. I got this in a magazine a while ago and when the weather started changing my lips went crazily dry. So I tried this and within one use there was a massive difference. I can’t believe how soft it made my lips! So I’ve been applying this one or twice a day and my lips are in the best condition they’ve been in.

A couple of little extras.

First up the Scentered Therapy Balm in Sleep Well. I’ve been applying this every single night before bed and it really has helped me sleep better. It smells amazing and just so relaxing!

Last up is the Scentiment Candle Company candle in Lime & Vanilla Spritzer. I can’t get enough of this smell, I’ve actually run out now! Makes me very sad, I’m definitely ordering another. This is such high quality and for me beats Yankee Candle hands down.

And as always I  add a favourite song. I haven’t been loving much this month so I’m adding a TV show instead!

House. I freaking love this show. I’m completely hooked and I miss watching it as I’m typing this out. You now know what I’m doing with my night! It’s a pretty old show so I’m presuming most of you have already watched it but if you haven’t, do!

Thanks for reading anyway guys, what products have you been loving?


13 thoughts on “October Favourites

    1. That’s my favourite shade! And I did I found out on instagram a few days ago, I’m hoping to get some for Christmas, I’m trying to be on a no buy until then as we’re so close! I always feel greedy having stuff before Christmas haha. Thanks so much! ❤


      1. Yes I’m planning a no buy for November and December – I stacked up all my untrieds/unreviewed and spare products the other day and there’s nothing I should desperately need to repurchase between now and then so I’ll try to be good! The NYX stuff I’ve tried so far has been really good – will let you know if there’s any duds that I come across to keep off your list! 🙂 xx

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      2. Yeah I’m pretty much the same and I’d rather save my money for boxing day sales! Thanks darlin that’s brill, I’ve tried the HD studio primer Base and it sucks, I really wouldn’t go near that! ❤


  1. 1- LOVE Malin+Goetz I recently lost my lip moisturizer and Im quite sad! 2- All of NYX lip products smell AMAZING they are my #1 fav!

    Good fav’s girl! Love it XO

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