The Matte – Beauty Made Simple

So guys I recently stumbled upon this lovely invention all the way from Boston on Instagram. It’s called the matte, it’s basically a matt that is designed to fold out over sinks for people who don’t have much room in their bathroom.


And I love it! Here in England, our bathrooms are a little different than America. We don’t usually have counter tops around the sink(we don’t even have plug sockets in ours either), just stand alone sinks and usually round, so it’s even more tough for us Brits to do our makeup in the bathroom!


But this little creation even works when there’s no flat surfaces around it. It’s so sturdy and well made its incredible. The little dents and ridges are perfect to stop makeup and brushes from rolling around, it’s just utter perfection and such a good invention!

I was also sent the Makeup bag as a little extra, which I have to say is one of the highest quality makeup bags I’ve had.

I’ve got a little promo code for you guys for a free one of these! Use the code lacquerbag to claim yours!

I really do recommend you go to their site thematte and check these babies out. They also come in a couple of colours.

I’ve not come across an invention like this that I’ve loved as much in a long time! To say it’s a small company, the quality is outstanding and I think it’ll be useful to a lot of people, wherever you’re based.

Thanks for reading ❤

Contains pr sample but all opinions are my own


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