My New Favourite Candle!


Now the weather is cosier, for me you can never have enough candles. I’m lucky enough to be part of the review team for Scentiment UK and this is the first candle I’ve reviewed. And it smells incredible!

When I read what fragrance it was, in all honesty I didn’t think it was appropriate for this time of year, but it’s a really nice cosy but fresh smell. Lately, Autumn and Christmas scents have started being a bit too sickly and given me a headache, so I’ve stayed away from them. But this one is just perfect. I’ve been burning it non stop!

It’s a massive candle and it’s almost all gone. Ive had it for a few weeks and burnt it for hours every single night. I’m definitely buying one of these once it’s run out, it’s the best candle I’ve had yet. And that’s including Yankee candles (which I think they’re slightly overrated anyway).

Make sure to check these guys out, they do so many more scents are are definitely worth the £12.95. Their site is Scentiment UK, they are definitely worth a browse.

Thanks so much for reading!


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