Last Minute Halloween Look


Ive teamed up with Vision Direct, using their contact lenses link here to their contacts to create a Halloween look for you guys!

This one is super easy and if you’ve forgot or not had time to pull a look together, this literally takes 10 minutes and is super easy!

This is clown inspired and you only use minimal products to create it, does require hardly any makeup or artistic skills, so it’s a win win all over, I hope you guys like it!


These are the items I used, next to nothing compared to most! You’ll need a matte black eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, black pencil eyeliner, foundation, primer (optional), mascara, Contour stick(optional), beauty sponge and a couple of makeup brushes.



I started off by putting my contacts in first. I know  lot of people do this last, but my eyes are super watery and sensitive and all my makeup would just come away, so I put them in first. I have a couple from Vision Direct , Amethyst and Stirling Grey. They’re quote subtle but do enhance your eyes and make the whites of your eyes pop! I chose Stirling Grey to go with this look as I wanted it to suit the dark theme.

So first of all you want to prep your skin, moisturiser, primer and then apply foundation. I wanted full coverage, so that’s why I opted for a beauty sponge rather than a brush. But the choice is completely yours. The next step you can completely bypass, I contoured and did a little highlighting. That’s just personal preference as I don’t like not wearing any!

So, we start with the eyes. Just apply the black shadow everywhere. The bottom of the eyes, the lids and blend out. It doesn’t have to be neat at all, just get it shoved on!


Then apply the pencil to both water lines. Also apply to the bottom of the eye, the top and some on the lid and blend that all out. Don’t worry if you look dead or its messy, that’s the whole point!


Next up you want to start making the clown slits (not sure what they’re called) on top of the eye. You also want this to look quite messy and rugged, use the liquid eyeliner to begin with the deepen it, then smudge it out with the black eye shadow.


Now do the same to the bottom, doesn’t matter if they’re matched up or not, it’s meant to be messy, I personally prefer it when it’s a little odd. If you’re an even clown, you’re not going to care too much about that sort of stuff. Just think about the clown from American Horror Story!


Now you want to start on the lips. If you have a good black lipstick, opt for that but I just used my black eye pencil. Make sure to moisturise!


Now you can leave it there or grab a little black eyeliner an extend your smile. I prefer doing this, but it’s completely up to you! Go over with a little of the black shadow to make it matte and you’re done. It’s so easy!

I love this look as it’s very customisable, you can do both eyes with the clown slits, make the mouth messy, add a nose. There’s all sorts you can do and it takes no time at all.

I really hoped you liked this post guys, remember i’m no makeup artist, so be nice as regarding my makeup skills!

Make sure to check out their site and lenses!

This post is kindly sponsored by Vision Direct but all opinions are my own.


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