Budget Nude Lip Products


With the nude lip being the biggest trend, it’s a must have. But it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to find your perfect nude! Here’s a list of nudes I love all for under a fiver!

First up is from Makeup Revolution, which to you guys is probably no surprise. And for my American readers, I know MUA have recently launched over there, hopefully it won’t be long before this brand follows!


The one of the left is called Nude and the one of the right is The One. They are incredibly close but The One is ever so slightly more pink toned. They’re both just as gorgeous as each other and are only £1 each!

I posted a review on this lipstick not too long ago, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a little more purple in the picture, in real life it’s not got any purple in whatsoever.


It’s such a stunning colour and doesn’t dry out the lips whatsoever. This beaut is only £2.30 from Essence called Natural Beauty.

The next two are from the brand Makeup Gallery which is specific to Poundshops in the UK. My favourite liquid eyeliner is from this brand, I can’t praise them more!


The shade on the left is Naked Brown which is more pink toned and the right is Choca Mocha, more brown toned. They’re both so gorgeous for a darker nude and worth more than just £1!

Next up is for those who don’t like lipsticks and prefer tinted lip balms. I’ve yet to come across a bad product from Burts Bees and definitely think they’re worth the money.


I have the shade Honeysuckle, a lovely beige nude. They have so many other colours to choose from to suit all skin tones. I purchased this a while back but I’m sure it cost around £5. Sits on the lips lovey!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, just skip past this. I’ve mentioned this product a thousand times, I’ll just bore you! I absolutely adore this product, the colour, the wear, everything.


It’s of course the Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit. It dried super quick, stays put ALL day and isn’t drying. The perfect dark pink nude, I couldn’t praise this any more! It’s an absolute steal at £4.99.

Last up I was a little unsure if to include or not. It’s a lip liner, the colour is my absolute favourite and is my perfect nude but it’s so stiff and a little difficult to apply. I’ve wanted to talk about it for ages bit because of the stiffness I didn’t think you guys would want to read about it. I did however discover that if you apply lip balm before hand, it glides on like an absolute dream!


This is the Makeup Gallery lip liner in rose 2. It’s sooo pretty and I’m  so happy I can now share it with you! Now don’t get me wrong, you can definitely get better and I probably shouldn’t recommend this but this is the perfect colour for my skin tone and I use it all the time! It’s again, only £1 and I love it!


Here are the swatches as the pictures aren’t perfect representation of the colours. I’ve also missed out Sleek so here’s a lip swatch!


Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this post!


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