The Quickest Ways To Do Perfect Brows!


This was the first time I’d ever heard of Brow fibres (I’m probably behind), I was so intrigued to give them a go!

These are by Silk Oil Of Morocco and it’s called Fibre Brow Enhancer. And it’s brilliant!

The product is applied with a doe foot applicator and you get around 120 uses out of each 4g bottle. They come in a range of colours from extra light to extra dark. I got medium. Also great about this product is it can be removed with just water, no makeup removed needed!

So let’s get on with the application. It’s like an instant Brow. Seriously, a couple of swipes of this and you’ve got a full Brow! It cuts down time massively and I’ve been using almost every day since I received it.

The only slight downfall is the applicator. It’s a bit difficult to get the perfect lines and perfect point on the end. I much prefer using the doe foot to do most of the work, I then use a tiny brush to perfect the rest.

But the formula with this is amazing. It clings to the tiniest hair and looks so natural on skin (I would have taken photos but I’ve had a few spots above the brows :/). This is perfect for people with little or no hair. This is seriously a massive time saver and I’ll definitely be purchasing once it runs out!

Their site is Silk Of Morocco if you fancy checking them out, I really would have a look, I highly recommend this product!

Thanks so much for reading, if you do want photos let me know I’ll and post some tomorrow ❤


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