Fall Essentials

I feel like it’s officially Autumn now! With the nights drawing in and the chill in the wind, this season is literally perfection to me!

Here are a few of my Autumn essentials, nothing special really, just a little change in makeup and skin care, hope you enjoy!


Let’s get stuck in with Skincare first. The Avon Royal Jelly Face Cream has been a long time favourite of mine for Autumn and winter. It’s extra Moisturising, which my already very dry skin needs. Even if you have oily skin, it’s still going to get dryer, so remember to get something with a little more moisture in than normal.

Your skin dries all over your body during Autumn not just on your face so remember to stock up on that body butter! I highly recommend any of The Body Shop butters but the one pictured is Strawberry. Smells incredible!

Keeping on with the dry skin (fun times), don’t forget your hands and cuticles! Again, The Body shop is making an appearance (definitely one of my favourite brands for yummy smelling skincare), this time their hand cream in Frosted Cranberry. This again, smells amazing and the perfect scent for this time of year!

Now this one may be boring but is an absolute must (throughout the year but more so when it’s cold), hand sanitiser! With colds and stuff about, you need to make sure you’re trying to keep the germs away. My son was in hospital for over a week in total last year and almost died, just from a cough. You never know what a cold could turn into, so make sure you keep sanitising when you can to try and keep germs away. It’s so important.

Now onto makeup! This is a recent purchase and you’ll know about it if you read my Little Haul post, The MUA eyeshadow palette Romantic Efflorescence. The shades in this are absolutely perfect for Autumn & Winter and at Β£4 is a steal!

Now with all the dry skin, you need to make sure your keeping your gave glowing! So a highlighter is an essential. The one pictured here is Makeup Revolution baked highlighter in Peach Lights. It’s so pretty! It’s a pink toned highlight which I think fits perfectly with Autumn.

Last up are candles. Who doesn’t love candles during the colder months? I have a slight obsession with them, it’s very rarely I don’t have one burning! With all the lovely homely scents floating about, your spoilt for choice! (pictured is Yankee candle, not sure what scent though!)

Thankyou for reading, hope you enjoyed this little post! Let me know your essentials! ❀


28 thoughts on “Fall Essentials

  1. I have this palette, I loved it, but then my boyfriend and his friends got this crazy idea to make themselves look like pandas with the black and it’s bled into the other colours a little. Doesn’t bother me too much as it was the gold/nude and purply colours I liked best. Definitely buying another though b/c they’re only about Β£10.

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