The Perfect Product To De Stress


These are handbag size miracles! I struggle with anxiety and really struggle to sleep (I have a crazy phobia that someone is going to break in all the time, seriously). I also suffer from abdominal pain (not sure what the cause is as of yet, 2/3 years worth of tests have shown nothing) so that also effects me physically and mentally, as well as having a 3 year old boy to look after.

These have helped me so much, especially sleep wise. As soon as I put these on, I instantly feel a lot calmer. Before going into the products, there’s a couple of things I want to mention about the wonderful company.

10% of the net profits made by Scentered is donated to Women for Women International, an organisation which empowers women to improve their lives and the lives of others. That’s a big thumbs up in my book, a lot of companies should follow.

They do 5 fragrances targeted at different lifestyle challenges, Stress Less, Sleep Well, Focus, Love and Escape. Each fragrance contains upto 25 essential oils and botanicals. Don’t they sound wonderful?!

Let’s get on with the reviews!


First up is the stress less. You apply these to your temples and wrists. Usually I wake up with stomach ache and using this first thing in the morning has helped me start the day off right. The calming smell just helps me just to take it a little at a time. It contains chamomile, neroli and mandarin and smells incredible!


My favourite! The Sleep Well one. I used to suffer from really bad insomnia too (3 hours of sleep a night), now it’s not as bad I want my sleep to be as good as it can be. Going to bed smelling this just calms me straight away and try to focus on the smell more than my crazy thoughts. It really works.

I couldn’t recommended these enough! If you’ve got a hectic lifestyle or an illness of some sort, give these a go. They’re the perfect size for travel, so if you’ve got a busy work life, they’re perfect for your handbag.

They’re avaliable at Scentered . me, space nk, Victoria health and Naturisimo. Go check them out!

Thanks so much for reading ❤

*pr samples but opinions are all my own! *


11 thoughts on “The Perfect Product To De Stress

  1. Great review- have to check those out! I recently discovered just how calming and centering essential oils can be and with a 2 year old son, I feel you! it’s nice to find simple things throughout the day to keep you going

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