L.A Cosmetics Lipstick Line Review

The lovely owner of L.A Cosmetics was generous enough to send me her whole line to review! L.A Cosmetics is an UK based indie company selling nail polishes and lipsticks, I was super excited to try them out!


She does a wide variety of colours, something to suit literally everyone! They come in Matte and shimmer finishes and there’s also a couple of glosses in there too!


Now, I was a little disappointed with these. The colours are gorgeous, but the pigment just isn’t there. For some of the lipsticks, I think this works in their favour. Such as Scarlett (pictured, it’s a little more saturated than in real life). I think this is perfect for those days where you don’t want a massive bold lip, but still a nice amount of colour. The mattes also are not drying at all, but they’re a little tough to apply and you do have to build the colour up.

Now, like I said I do like the fact there’s not a lot of pigment in certain lipsticks, but with the greens and blues, it doesn’t work as well. Because there’s little colour, it can leave your lips looking a bit poorly.

The shimmer lipsticks are a lot better with their pigment but are a little streaky. I recommend wearing a lip liner with any of the lipsticks, it’s just a little tough to find ones in the less common colours like the greens and blues.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend these, they’re more like tinted lip balms without the benefits of lip balm. I have spoken to the owner and she’s looking into the formulas, so there may be a change soon! Find her Etsy shop here.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤

*contains pr samples, all opinions are my own*


5 thoughts on “L.A Cosmetics Lipstick Line Review

  1. Thanks so much for your honest review! I will definitely be looking into the formulas because I agree that some of them can be hard to work with. A few are just hit and miss which is a pain also 😦

    Thank you ❤
    Lyka-Ann, Owner of L-A Cosmetics

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