Tanya Burr Palette Reviews


I was lucky enough to be sent these by a fellow blogger the lovely @raychlovesbeauty from Instagram. I purchased Tanya Burr eyelashes last month and I loved them! And with her being a makeup artist herself, I was expecting these palettes to be great.

I was slightly disappointed. They’re just not pigmented enough! I mean I know they’re budget palettes and they do reflect that but you can get palettes from MUA Cosmetics for £4, with more shadows and the pigment is amazing! The shades in the palettes are gorgeous and they’re definitely buildable but just not good enough coming from a makeup artist. Also the packaging is super pretty, but there’s some bits that could definitely be improved, they’re not put together the best.So let’s have a look at the palettes!


My favourite as I mentioned in my September Favourites is the Galaxy Palette. I find the colours in this are just stunning and the pigment is probably the best out of the 3. The only downfall is you can really create a lot of looks from this. I prefer matte in the crease and there’s only the one shade in here that’s matte, so it’s hard to deepen up the crease.


My next favourite is the Fairytale Palette. The finishes in this are a lot better, you get 3 mattes, so it’s really easy to create quite a few different looks using it! The shadows again are not overly pigmented but easily buildable. The shade alohomora is my favourite, a gorgeous satin brown shadow.


Last up and my least favourite is the Hollywood Palette. The shade enchantment is pure awful. The others are lovely though and actually quite creamy, but I just can’t get over how bad that shade is!

So my overall thoughts? They’re good. Not brilliant but not bad. I think she definitely could have done better. I think if I’d not had them sent me, I’d buy them. Maybe not all 3 as I don’t think you need all 3,but I’d probably buy the Galaxy & Fairytale Palettes.

Have you tried anything from her range? Let me know, thankyou for reading!


12 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Palette Reviews

      1. Thanks! I use fiber mascara instead of falsies (I sell it and falsies take forever for me) but my fave drugstore palettes are from wet n wild! 🙂

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