Perfume Garden Review


I came across this wonderful account on Instagram called The Perfume Garden uk. They sell Artisan Natural Perfume which I haven’t come across in the UK yet. So lucky for me, they sent me some samples and my god do they smell incredible.

There’s no comparing these to even high end perfumes, they smell so amazing and you can instantly tell they’re natural, amazing quality and pure.

I was sent 4 samples…


Spring Rain. This is my favourite out of the bunch, it smells so incredibly fresh, right up my street.


Patchouli Clouds. This is my second favourite and has won the Silver Award for best perfume by the Green Parent Magazine. So you know it’s going to smell amazing!


Under The Orange Tree. This one to me is perfect for the upcoming seasons, I’ll have definitely used this up by the end of the year!


Last up is Become. A very unique smell, highly highly recommended all of these!

A couple of sprays of perfume and you can seriously smell it all day. I take my hat off to Marina, the owner, as they’re the most amazing perfumes I’ve come across. She’s done so well and should be so proud of herself for making these. I don’t think it’ll be too long before these are hitting the shelves. Everyone go take a look on her site The Perfume Garden and go check out her stuff. She also does classes for if you want to learn how to make perfume yourself!


10 thoughts on “Perfume Garden Review

  1. Thank you for the lovely review. I’m so happy you liked the fragrances, it’s so hard to know how people will react to natural perfumes when they are new to them.

    Have a great day!

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  2. Her perfume looks lush! I’m a fairly recent convert to all natural perfume. I tried Lush’s perfume recently (Lust) and I am an absolute convert. It lasts all day. I reckon perfume companies deliberately make them last short amounts of time, so you spray more, and therefore buy more!

    When I get some decent Wifi I’m going to check out the perfume classes she offers. What a treat.

    Thanks, Kerra at Beauty and Beau.

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    1. Ooh I’d like to try theirs! I just live so far away from a lush so it’s hard to get their stuff. And I completely agree, I literally can smell this perfume all day long with just a couple of sprays. And they’re very reasonably priced, I definitely would. Thanks so much for reading ❤


    2. Hi Kerra, this is Marina from The Perfume Garden. It’s hard to make a natural perfume last all day, it all comes down to the composition, and the skin of the wearer. A perfume that lasts five hours on my skin may only last two on yours, which is why you should always sample first. Also, the secnt will be light and non-intrusive. Natural Perfumers like me, strive to create beautiful fragrances as art, rather than as something that lasts for hours.
      Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions 🙂


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      1. Thanks for the reply Marina. It sounds like perfumery is complex, a lot more complex that I thought. Perhaps I’ll stick to simple beauty products!

        I hope to give them a try one day x


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